Mechanics - Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences of Armenia

Մեխանիկա - Հայաստանի Գիտությունների Ազգային Ակադեմիայի Տեղեկագիր

Mechanics - Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences of Armenia

Механика - Известия Национальной Академии Наук Армении

ISSN Print: 0002-3051 | ISSN Online: 1829-3999

Author Guidelines

Manuscript Submission Guidelines

"Mechanics - Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences of Armenia" highlights questions in the field of theoretical and applied mechanics: theories of elasticity, shells and plates, plasticity, creep and viscoelasticity, electromagnetic-elasticity, aerodynamic mechanics, stability of motion, construction mechanics and experimentation techniques.

  1. Articles submitted in "Mechanics - Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences of Armenia", should be accompanied by a recommendation for publication from the workshop, on which the work is reported.
  2. Articles are submitted in Armenian, Russian or English in two examples with an indication of the UDC and should include keywords and brief summaries in three languages, in which references to the cited literature and cumbersome formulas are not allowed. Separately in the main text, highlight: the introduction, formulation of the problem, solution and conclusion.
  3. Together with the original article, you need to submit an electronic version in the environment Word: paper – format А4; Fonts – Times New Roman, Sylfaen. Fields – from left and from right – 4 sm; from bottom and from top – 5 sm; summaries – 8 pt; main text – 10 pt at intervals 1. Formulas – MathType, Defaults.
  4. Literiture (10 pt) is given in the general list at the end of the article in the original language, and also in English, wherein, in the following sequence are indicated:
    for the book – surname and initials of the author, full title of the book, volume number, place of publication (city), publisher, year of publication and number of pages;
    for the journal – surname and initials of the author, full name of the work, title of the journal, year of publication, volume, issue or number and pages.
  5. At the end of the article, information about authors should be provided by the submission of contact data.
  6. In the presence of several authors, the editorial board recommends the authors' names in alphabetical order.
  7. In case of refusal to publish, the editorial board reserves the right not to return to the author one copy of the article.